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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  May 8, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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neil: 40 years after, what did the president know and when did he know it, different congress is now asking the same question of a different president. and you ain't heard a half of it. ♪ neil: welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto, and it was four decades ago this month, something a draon throughout the suburb. the watergate hearings that would later lead to the house voting to in bch a president not more than a year later the resignation of that president. to your mike huckabee tell of tonight is happening all over again. while there are many differences between those watergate hearings
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then and he's been gauzy hearing today, the common thread is much the same. talk of a cover-up and allies from the sirach, lies that call into question or could not only this of ministration but what if i told you the stock market rally itself. don't laugh. marketed vances' a been undone by far less serious issues. wh they former deputy chief of the u.s. embassy in tripoli says everything we have heard from the administration on benghazi a quite right. what's moree it is quite stunning because essentially saying that the white house was lying ands lying, but the parade that claimed the life of the lian ambassador and three others could have been avoided the essex and others also testified today, they warned higher-ups' danger was everywhere. these are carr diplomats with really no political ax to grind which could explain why so many democrats now are listening intently and worryin profusely. the once were talking. this sort of like one republican senator howard baker famously
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ask that question of richard nixon, what to the president know and when did you know what? not some democrats are asking the same of this president. this is only the opening hearing. there will be other hearings. and even if it leads nowhere, at the very least that the deccan predict this much. a bummer of a summer, not only for the president a potentially from market that no matter who is in office does not much like the idea of a scandal bedeviling its president. remember watergate. maybe. remember benghazi. so couldhen turn into now? it did not help when we think of where we were. we were dealing with an oil crisis. an economic crisis, runaway inflation crisis. so many crises. by comparison economic conditions today seem tame. are they? let's ask. barry, night and day as the distress. again, it all goes back to the
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same basic issue whether they live misrepresented themselves or covered things up. it is not an issue of the crime with the calamity the weather anything happened after it to high details. how big is this? >> we will see what they come up with. it desperately been an interesting hearing, and that think there have been revelations. you know, watergate is a stretched. if i had to compared to anything, it might turn into an iran-contra situation. president reagan lost about 15 points in the two months following the revelations that we were selling arms for hostages. but he did recover from that. i don't know that this is going to prove quite as damaging, even as iracontra did. neil: even that case, what we did have was the last two years of a raid in administration that was certainly stymied. that did not prevent some major
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deals. gorbachev at the time and some foreign policy successes. but it did sort of slow everything down. what are you looking for the series to do? >> i would first -- neil: i'm sorry. go ahead. >> when it goes -- we are talking about watergate, there were no americans killed. i think that there is a major new suck that willarner people's attention who may have been maybe not paying too much attention since thisas in the headlines. in the think it remains to be seen. there are some many unanswered questions about the massacre we are just starting scratch the surface. republicans king focus questions about why additional curity resources were not deployed prior to the attack when you have ambassador stevens
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just begging for them. why was there no military action during the eight hour attack to save our people on the ground? why on earth for those talking pots changed for public consumption immediately after the attacks which now seems to be an absolutely indisputable fact. neil: one of the things that happens with these kind of developmentt ishat happens in the hearings themselves. the watergate hearings did not start out with any anticipation that they would eventually lead ultimately to the resignation of the united states president. they provided their own surprise revelation. cash payments. i agree quite readily. night and day tet of issues. there were deaths involved. i do think what we discovered is we hear a lot more than we ever knew.
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>> and what we saw today right here is basically a preview of a lot more to come if people will come forward and are willing to testify. this is exactly why we are encouraging people to call their elected officials and support the congressman to basically estaish an investigative committee and select community just to investigate benghazi. even a short-term committee. a less peoplere subpoenaed to be able to come and testifythe truth is not going to come out. what we learned today is information that a lot of people did not even know. this is a wake-up call of a major cover-up by an administration who is lying to the american people. neil: careful. we don't kw that for sure. that is with the hearing is about. to that .1 of the things i want to get out of this is a sense of what is up looking like a lopsided party
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, the beginning of the water great hearings. then it developed into something more where even a lot of republicans began to question. what did the president know and when did he know it. we are nowhere near that, but what is the stuff that turns this? when there are strong indications that someone lied, it does not even go all the way to the president. whenever we were told as a lie. wellpoint does it get that serious? >> if you go back to watergate you see that what turned the situation against president nixon was the truth, the facts. the key to a successful congressional hearing like this is to minimize partisan rhetoric and maximize the fact-finding. then you let the public decide for themselves. are they concerned about this are not? the decision that the public made obviously during the presidential campaign was they were not concerned. neil: at theime.
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at the time. at the time richard nixon was reelected in a landslide. >> he was. neil: he said denis sleep, i gave him a sword. in other words, tois enemies and those that did not like income they provided the means by which you woulde politically undone. is there a sense that without barack obama having intentionally done anything deliberate to misleed peoe, this is just a waste of time. >> i don't think so because we still don't have answers to core questions, and we don't know what the president actually did that night. that is one of the questio i was hoping would be asked and dealt with extensively at the hearings today, and we did not hear too much of that. maybe that is appropriate. i tip my cab to the chairman. his side of the aisle did exactly what larry just mentioned. there were very restrained. there were fact-finding. there were prepared, concise. they have actual questions for the witnesses. the other side of the aisle was
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clearly playing muc more political defense to the administration rather than actually trying to figure out wh happened. i think it was important for republicans. if they want this to be a scandal that is not just a whole politicize show, they need to convince the american people that they are acting to actually come out and find the truth, which i think they really advance the ball tod on several occasions. neil: the gist of this argument against the president, what he knew and when he knew, it's basically he was afraid to use terrorism. he was afraid beyond saying that it was an act. has been a charge before, since to take on radical islamists, whenever you want to say and that reluctance persists. do you agree? >> yes, i do. and i have -- work with the white house.
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organization and with other elected officials as well. and this issue and also what happened in boston, it's a wake-up call for the american public to realize that the national security issue is an american issue. it'sot a democratic republican issue. it's an american issue. we must, as americans and hold our elected officials responsible for the words they say, for the actions they take, the laws that they passed to protect the american public, and that is why we need the truth to co out. no matter how ugly it is, american people need to know the truth and our elected officials need to be held responsible. neil: very quickly, i do believe there is a difference economically in the environment now verses watergate now verses the clinton scandal. now verses iran-contra. that is maybe zero will, economic environment is pretty go. less interest than trying to do anything that would is
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distraught that. compound that. what do you make of this economic environment that is more sound than it was four decades ago? >> we learned one thing about scandal over the past four decades. when the economy is bad, scandal will stick. it will stick like velcro. when the economy is good, it is very difficult. more like teflon. that is what helped bill clinton. neil: thank you very much. in the meantime, what if i told you the thing that saves this president from a growing scandal is not the economic thing and all. it is his wife. to not desist the power of michele obama. history proved the significant other can make a significant difference. then how facebook s starting you by offering, well, big deals that target. the retail game changes that the retail game changes that will have you rethinking the capital one cash rewards card
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neil: the group that conducted the attacks is affiliated with islamic terrorists. >> on september 11th 2012, 4 americans were murdered by terrorists. >> our goal in this investigation is to get answers. >> why in the world would susan rice go on five sunday t talk shows and perpetuate a demonstrably false narrative? neil: here we go, and it has only just started. to say these benghazi hearings will do to this president what those hearings ultimately led to for another president, well, there is a difference. it is not just a better economy. it could be michele obama. the right first lady athe right time can save the beleaguered of the in the nick of time. hillary clinton, maybe lisa adams. john clancy's wife who together
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with her husband proved america's first power couple. the subject of the fascinating book just out, america phoenix. welcome. i do want to get into that, but it did remind me, as your budget, about sort of the unappreciated role of first ladies are significant others in moments like these. michele obama has not come out one way or the other. not the gst, but she is always standing by her husband and remains decidedly more popular how will that will play out as this in shoes? >> certainly the first lady, the president's wife brings her n talents to the table. and oftentimes she will play a more will, of truth telling role . because she is so popular. that helps keep them out of trouble a little bit. it raises his popularity as a
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result. his wife is doing so well. neil: pat nixon was a very quiet introverted first lady. it was not as if she could help her beleaguered husband one where the other. she was respected, but michele obama has a different relationship with most americans maybe in this day and age when first lead is a more front and center. will it make a difference in the long term oroes it depend on the gravity of these charges in these hearings? >> is certainly depends on the gravity of the charges in the hearings and what the president's role was. we really don't know that yet. that will make the biggest difference. when you look in the first lady, when you look at someone like lisa adams, very often first lady's complement the husband. fine tune his sharper edges. they went to russia to be the first ambassador.
11:17 pm
the czar of russia danced with police said at a ball to show the wholeorld that i am favoring american now. they can really make a difference in a situation like that and round out the as is rougher edges. neil: you and i were talking about this. it really is a great book. i thought of them as our country's first power couple. and then makes a big difference. i mean, bill clinton used to call it two for the price of one, but it is much more than that. >> it is. and then the president has the official power. the first lady has the unofficial power. and together they can work together. you look at the health care initiative wh president obama. michele obama said let's move, complemented his initiativ they do work together. in the case of the adamses, this is the first time russia have never accepted our independence and they're trade. there were souccessful that
11:18 pm
the british pme minister complained to the czar of russia that he had become half an american. as a result, england went to the peace table with this because they were feeling some much pressure from russia's favor of america. it really does make a difference , that balance between the husband and wife, the president in the first lady. neil: such controversy to how he became president in the first place that it was one of those elections where the guy who won the popular vote did not make al the way. that would have been andrew jackson at the time. he ends up losing four years later. that never laughs. the stain was east by his wife. >> lisa held the ball before the election to try to stop him. the edges between the two of them. often a woman can bring her talents into a unique situation. in her case she could speak french fluently. when they were in europe she was
11:19 pm
the perfect american diplomatic wife because she could talk about america and use the language of diplomacy, french, to do it, in a way that really did help america. john quincy came out of his exile. there rose like phoenix's to greater heights because there were pretty down on a lark. and they helped america did the same thing. we rose from the ashes as a country after being economically depressed after the war of 1812. the same can be said today. in order to thrive economically we have to survive as a country. neil: thank you very much. politicians never go away. they can resurrected anytime. thank you. well, shut up and pay up. we will report and you decide. then.
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neil: companies paying fines for 34-g they claim they never did that could be head of security and exchange commission suggestions that. mary jo white is reviewing this practice. simply writing a check on the government to move on. teresa goody said she would not
11:24 pm
change this policy, and does not think that the new sec chief the either, what is advantage to companies or government if may admit no wrong doing but still pay a fine,o what end? >> well, if they pay the find the money can go to investors or to the treasury. the government can then use that money anyway it wants, some money does go to visitors and -- investors and any investors does not matter the case. does not have to be a specific case. when i was at the sec millions were recouped. >> i would worry about treasury that is a big old pit. i can see what you are saying about trying to earmark, to
11:25 pm
investors make sure may get some of that back, i guess, but i its vice inteen way to get back to it. i guess it pays just to get the government off its back, i wonder what is the purpose? >> well, it is purpose because, people are more likely to settle if there is a no admit or denied policy, they don't have to admit any wrong doing, once people have to say i'm guilty, they are less apt to settle, particularly for individuals, that can mean jail time for them. if a person admits to afraid, in a case, department of the justice come after that individual and bring criminal case.
11:26 pm
neil: you are afraid by dropping that part, then, more painful ritbution would be tough. >> that is true. and also for companies there is no reputational damage that become into play. so. if i company saying i'm guilty, there is a chance of reputational damage, but on flip side, then have you all companies, saying oh, i'm guilty, there are so many people saying oh, i did this wrong it is not going to make much of a difference it would minimize the effect of any reputational damage if everyone is doing it. neil: stigma is already off. i think whatever scarlet letter used to be attached is long gone, teresa thank you. >> thank you. neil: look who is back. >> i am one imperfect man saved by god's grace but who has a convict on importance of doing
11:27 pm
something in washington, d.c., here from this day going forward i will be the best congressman that i could have ever been. neil: looky here, wandering his way to washington as u.s. congressman. he is just the latest
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the guy who strayed all the way to argentina from his wife, it his way to washington as u.s. congressman on his own, not guy given up for a by politically dead, latest so-called rogue back in vogue. to bill clinton before him to maybe, maybe anthony weiner after him, to chris stirewalt tr the sorted headlines. >> we see it all of the time, people are forgiving to a point, important thing to remember, as it relates to mark sanford, this not the most rublican district in south carolina but it is pretty dog gone republican, there is, that but thing that sanford did to win over the nene of the voters -- confidence of the voters, saying, i served in governor's office for two years after this
11:31 pm
imbeembarrassing indexsing inden wiout embarrassing you further, they gave him another shot. neil: you know, ts gives hope to a lot of -- okay, you know corporate shysters and the rest, who try to resurct their images and careers, many do success, i don't know it is because we're a forgiving people. or we see through their flaws to their talents, that could explain bill clinton's come back and those who overcame scandals in prior years, is there a common thread here? >> common thread, i think you highlighted it, if the behavior is separate from what people pay you to do, mark sa sanford most people in south carolina were happy with how he served as
11:32 pm
governor, with theic chuuk of ic collusion othe exclusion ofthat, most peol clinton was a good president but not a good husband. you have a better chance of rehabilitation,. neil: it was a close contest there. >> no -- >> well, what do you make of that. south carolina orhose in the district said, we're religious, and very you know decent, god-fearing people, but we fear democrats more? or what? >> well, maybe that true. i would say that steven colbert's sister, was not as good as hype, some of her positions not as good as possible, here is what else i would tell you, i expected sanford would win, the fact he
11:33 pm
won by a dowdy margin, i a tribute. bolsters may not always get an honest on answer from a good-going south carolinaian they get a social vibility biassed. >> allight. chris, always great thank you very much. >> tha you, neil. neil: here is the proof you need that housing boom is on, mortgage delinquencies are off, get ready for home prices to take off, you decide, if it is take off, you decide, if it is time t all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one.
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let's get us going to david davidavidasman. and fewerorrages. >> i don't think so, iate to say this. vernment it financing about 90% of the mortgages, federal reserve board is buying up the most gang backed security allowing people to get in who don't reserve in but they get in because they pay nothing for money they are borrowing, income, if it was going up just a bit to justify a 10% raise in price of housing, i would say okay. find this is a result this is what do you with your extra cash, you buy property. but income has been flat. neil: but those delinquencies are down for variety of reasons, i know, normally thats
11:37 pm
encouraging. but what do you think? >> well, you know, there is a reason for it, reason i this, david touched on, ban and washington have given everyone a break, if you owed $100 thousand, they say just give us 50, income is stable not growing. now, does it go higher from here? question is, moving forward out a year to two. when the fed raises rates when banks tighten more, and if. does not stay strong can they still buy homes, for this perspective, i think housing is not a screaming buy, i don't think we'll see it fall off a cliff, the place to look is in apartment reits. people are rents and timber, that is the place i like. neil: you talk about real estate
11:38 pm
investment trusts at the outset there. >> and j.c. penney is in maybe better shape than we thought, maybe more tricks up its sleeve. the tricky business is george sorros, he is buying about 18 t 7 to 8% of the compa, after that goldman sachs comes out with a $1.7 billion credit line for the company, do you think that george knew anything about that. then they come out with their preliminary reports saying we're going to hell and a hand basket, market is going up so much when a company investors are desperate to look for companies were valued maybe sorrows thought investors would turn their eyes to j.c. penney. >> here -- think about it. company burned
11:39 pm
through $900 million in cash last year, they have $800 million left, a lot of their stores are in disarray, that will cost money, i do not see this turning, i think there is a lot bottom fishing, but j.c. penney has a big road ahead, not like they can stop bleeding cash, and sales will come, they have a big long road ahead, i would stay away as investor. >> they have cash, and billions in debt. neil: and issue three, target wants to avoid becoming a j.c. penneyoon. hooking up with facebook. >> you know, i think it can be helpful, i joked today, i said, i get a coupon in mail, i post th i like it, say for a 12 bac12pack roll of toilet paper,i don't want my friends to know
11:40 pm
that. it may be beneficiary for target, i would like to see them agra gate that service, get to a more effective means of social media versus on-line coupons. >> i have one word for you, groupon, they did not do so well still not doing well, you look at j.c. penney, it got rid of coupons and discount its failed. i'm not sure if this will work out, groupon a heavy thing to consider. neil: they always try to find an on-line way to be cool. >> we're the kings of cool. so we know. neil: issue 4, who you any bac e -- wendy avoided getting picked in buns, and company, low price offering, and burgers combine to help keep its business sizzling.
11:41 pm
is it true. >> the good, bad news about what shaping with wendy's stock is way away down. the good news, that is down though revenue is up, thing about this earns season, everyone has been good on bottom line but not top, revenue has not been increasing, there have been more companies that mised to revenue than have hit. wendy's hit on revenue, which is a good sign, so maybe you buy in the dip, the fact that stock was beaten down today is perhaps an indication for some now is the time to buy. neil: i think a lot of reason for 80% fall, and repur refurbig at is going on? >> changes their customer experience, i think they are doing the right thing, wendy's menu offers a lot of benefits and changes, that are good for consumers 6500 stores worldwide, i wou look at wendy's long-term, i like the point 'revenue, think they will have a spending thing to do.
11:42 pm
but you know my girlfriend said to me they have coolest menu, a lot of knew things and home cut fries, in that industry it is who has the coolest stuff. long-term trade yes, short-term no. >> do you know how perfect jared a life is, he a has a girlfriend that likes wendy's. neil: the hero gone viral. >> barbecue with the dude, we eat ribs and whatnot and listen to sa salsa music. >> you had no indication. >> not a clue. >> he had any clue that mcdonald's might be getting the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly airline anytime. two words. double miles!
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>> check this out, i just came from mcdonald's. and this broad, is trying to break out the [ bleep ] house next door to me. >> do you know if they are in the house? >> i don't have a [ bleep ] cl, i was at mcdonals. >> did he sound like rude east anyway, this guy saved a cleveland woman held captive, now it looks like mcdonald's trying to capitalize. tweeting we salute courage of the ohio kidnap victims and respect their privacy away too go carl charles ramsey we'll be in touch, that line what does it mean? >> you can't play this asn advertising possibility, the second you do, where they could profit from it you become bad guy, they will profit on women who were kidnapped and harmed. give the guy as much free food
11:47 pm
as he wants a lifetime of burgers, don't talk about it. neil: why would they tweet. >> they have to, only thing worse than having a conversation about you is not responding. neil: why? >> he was at a mcdonald's, have you called 91 tell them what you are eating before you tell them what you saw. the calling came famous on internet, and everyone talking about a video of him in mcdonald's, and eating a great character for it. it mcdonald's makes it an ad it will look bad. neil: scott, you are mcdonald's, a commending this individl, do you leave it at that to peter's point. >> you can, peter said, charles ramsey is talking about it every chance he gets that is the funny part he mentioned mcdonald's in about every interview i hrd.
11:48 pm
neil: he eats at mcdonald's a lot. the guy in question here, you know, a lot. >> great for markets the name south there, he rode his bike to mcdonald's, so, what puffy might be a potential marketing point it gets that name in people's head who knows if they are driving down street maybe they think of charles and say, i'm not going to wendy's i'm going to mcdonald's. neil: there is a risk in associates yourself too much in the case or this guy. however, appealing a character he is. >> had he rescued a puppy from a drainage ditch, mcdonald's could have been a over it have a burger. but, let's face itas a womanho was kidnapped and abused and was held against her will for 10 years, that is something that mcdonald's does not want to touch, give him burgers he should be rewarded, to turn it to anythin making he mentioned mcdonald's that you
11:49 pm
know he said i down want a check give the known people, if i den kn any better he is -- toasted. but the perfect interview. neil: i look at this, saying if you are mcdonald's you put yourself in this pential corner. where you said, we'll be in touch, that seems to indicate, either you will be giving the y money or, that pete's point free food but you set yourself up or this guy up for a windfall, which could be just a big mac windfall to me is fine, but, mcdonald's have to to sometting, what do you think it should be? >> i'll stick with salads, you are right. >> please. >> i have to say that, right, this is tv. >> i mean to peter's point, a fine line between where they want to take this, mcdond's, food of real american heroes, who knows, a lot could happen
11:50 pm
that mcdonald's sees point of they might want to capitalize on. >> i would add this is not someone winning super bowl saying i'm going to positive disney world, he did not rescue them from a back of mcdonald's, he rescued them from a house. gi him a ton of food, shake his hand, leave it at that. >> maybe he does not have strength to break down the door without the mcdonald's he had just eaten. neil: you are shameless. but, good job, beater, congratulation, became a new dad, a beautiful baby. taking the baby to monald's? >> eventually, mcdonald's formula for now. neil: attention walmart haters, walmart gave you another reason to hate, for everyone else in the world, maybe news you should love.
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
11:53 pm
neil: unions trying to stop walmart from expanding. we know, turning into controversy. we have on whether time to leave wal-mart alone. >> i am looking at this from consumer point of view, wal-mart has a product they want, went a few months of launching the bluebird card they had a half million of retailers. i think that question, how do we make it work whout eliminating it. neil: what do you think? >> if this were facebook or google it would be different conversation, but womb womb i we
11:54 pm
corporate thuggery. >> they are not. >> they are, they are. neil: do you talk to their millions of customers to get a break on prices. >> good for them, we're talking that wal-mart wants to make an end run around laws that everyone else abides by. >> what is wrong with offering people whether cheaper gas or cheaper drugs o banking alternatives. >> we don't understand why they can't abide by banks laws that other banke that offer financial customers abide by, why they are avoiding oversight or regulation that other -- >> we don't know whether they avoid oversight. what do you make of this. >> i'm not in line with the corporate thuggery. i am a free market capitalist as ch as the next guy, the problem is when you mix, banks
11:55 pm
and commerce, you start to get into a very bad place, because look, the reality is that a lot of banks, the banks care about what is in their best bottom line but they will lend to a borrower, who is qualified. what is walmarts in a position to lend to someone. a lot of bad places because originally banking and commerce were not supposed to mix. if they get into banking business they should be as regulated at other banks. >> we started the infinity cards, boy scouts of america visa card, as an example. the causes and companies attaching their names to visa or master card, that is not the death nel many thought it would
11:56 pm
be. i think this is a static industry, andins lar industry that does not like competition. >> that is the thing, competition would help the stray, wmart is offering a product that peoplement. if the banks cannot offer a similar product to walmart because of regulation and laws, should you look at regulation and laws making sure that those in place will help consumer have best choices. il: what is what i fear, we're you are putting yourself in position then of standing with the banks that many have argued, not new particular, in particular maybe the good doctor here, about how crafty and thieving they haveeen, and potentially aligning yourselves with the thieves you know and the newer thief you fear. >> let me say in defense of banks there is competition in banking industry, they compete against one other and credit
11:57 pm
unions and financial institutions. >> then they have nothing to fear? >> i have have nothing to fear, if they are competing against an institution that has statement regulation, and operating the same -- >> we don't know whether walmart won't have the same regulation. >> that is pretty. the controver. neil: if they d? >> i would be more comfortable with it. >> i would not, by the way just because consumers want it is, is not a good enough argument maybe they want a hundred proof alcoho neil: why? what is wrong with that? >> sign me up. >> under bad practices. neil: you have a dismissive attitude about consumers, the bigger point is, csumers need a break on prescription drugs, walmart gave it to them, they needed a break on gasoline, walmt grave it to them,
11:58 pm
consumers needed a break on every day items purchase forever day life, walmart gave it to them, this because not make them saints but getting them qua qua into banking does not make them sinners either. >> they are not sinners. >> y are afraid thewill steal their money. >> yes, they have a edict or a law that says you cannos you cal these folk's money. >> i think you are a little bit underestimates people. you know, you mightave practipractice with walmart you sagree with. they have done some good things. you can talk with stoney feel yogurt, some of that helped get organic growingure the and uric yogurt into schoollunches,k
11:59 pm
and a white with walmart on this. neil: adam, isn't competition good? >> it is great, my point is that as long as everyone is competing on a level playing fields. neil: but he is not letting them get on the field. >> that is where we part company, competition is great, i'm for it, but i think if walmart is going to get into the banks industry, then walmart has to be a bank. not a retailer, who ao happens to do banking. neil: final thought. >> he is presenting a good point about conflict of interest, doing commerce and banking, and neither the two shall meet, walmart with its history is nikon certain, myconcern, i am t anticapitallism. neil: i think you are. neil: have you eve shopped at a walmart. >> i have not.
12:00 am
neil: i have been there, and the people are not changed to the registers. register. >> i have shopped at costco. neil: unionized? dennis: i'm dennis kneale in for melissa francis. re i is who made money today. investors in whole foods and the company's ceo, john mackey. whole foods reported strong fiscal second-quarter earnings and announced a 2-for-1 stock split. that sent shares of whole foods soaring nearly 10% cling at an all-time high. john macy owns 714,000 shares of that cpany. that means his wealth went up $6.7 million today. also making money, delta shareholders. the company restarting a dividend of six cents per share, its first in 10 years. delta will also buy back half a billion dollars in stock. dealt at that shares jumping more than 3% on the news hitting a 52-week high. and the san francisco 49ers making big


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